HedgeQuarters is a Small Scale Hedgehogery (As I call a hedgehog breeding establishment) located in Yankton, South Dakota. Here at HedgeQuarters We hope to Produce the Best Hedgehogs for Loving pet Owners. Our hedgies are always Social and Very Loving. We breed for Health and Quality first but our little ones are always stunning in color and temperament.

HedgeQuarters was established in 2009 but we actually started selling in 2010. We are a very small scale breeding establishment and we strive to keep it that way. We only breed 1-2 breeding females and one breeding male because of the time and socialization each one needs. When you add babies to the herd we always have the perfect amount of hedgehogs to love. Our hedgehogs are producing what I hope to be The Finest Hedgehogs in South Dakota. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We are a family business and all of us at HedgeQuarters participate in handling and taking care of the hedgehogs. The hedgehogs are all Very Acquainted with many people and will be ready to be welcomed into your family too.

These Hedgehogs are always under the best care and are very happy and healthy. If you have any questions or comments for HedgeQuarters Please feel free to Email us.

Have fun with your hedgehogs!

Pure bred African Pygmy and Algerian Hedgehogs.

Kellie Preheim

Call or Text: (605) 760-9631
Email: hedgequarters@yahoo.com

Thanks For Stopping In!

     Welcome To HedgeQuarters!


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