The "Whats New" Page is for Letting you know whats new with HedgeQuarters. We will keep this page updated as possible with whats new with us. We will talk about activitys and fun stuff, also we will announce the birth of our hedgehog babies and their names and we will talk about the Behaviour of our hedgies. Some other stuff too. If you have any questions we can post them on here as well as answer them personally. We hope you enjoy!

Thanks, Mercedes.

Brielle Cole nursing her babies back in 2012. She was such a Great mother! 

Sonic playing around in his new home. Thanks for the Picture Megan! 

 Well winter has come and gone and there is beautiful warm weather for us all to enjoy! However, hedgies enjoy it too :) They can go outside and play around with you if the weather is nice enough and under close supervision. Here are a few tips to watch out for and for you to do:

  1. Always know before hand what the temperature of the ground is outside, after all they are low to the ground and have to make sure it isn't too cold or they could get sick. If you don't plan on putting them on the ground make sure its warm enough in the air so that you can hold your hedgie and it wont be shivering. The ideal temp. for them is 75-85 Fahrenheit however as low as 65 F will do, i don't suggest it though.
  2. Hedgehogs do not run that fast but if your not watching them, they can vanish without a trace. You need to watch them carefully even if they are in a exercise pen and you don't think they can get out. 
  3. Another safe bet is to put them in a exercise ball, fit for them- no hamster balls they are too small. That way they don't get any illnesses from bugs they may eat off of the ground and they don't step on sticks that could hurt, its just like a guard for their bodies. I suggest it, but do take them out of it too so that they can experience the real thing instead of in a plastic bubble. But for long term use I would use a ball-just to be safe.
  4. Don't leave them out there for more than 25-30 minutes. It can get draining and stressful and they can get dehydrated if they are left outside too long, make sure to monitor your hedgies well being while they are exploring, it takes careful supervision to watch the hedgie and watch the way it is running too at the same time, but don't worry, you can do it. Just make sure to take them inside where fresh water is available to him/her water bottle/bowl.
  5. Always have fun with what u do together:)

Summer Time is Back and a few tips for you and your Hedgie!!!


                                    Our Hedgehog Watermelon

       We are trying out a recipe we found on the web. Its called a Hedgehog Watermelon (Also bunnys and ladybugs are made too). It makes a great summer dish and is awesome for any occasion or just for fun. The hedgehog watermelon is made from:

  • 3 blue berrys or cherrys (depending on the eye color you want)
  • 1 Watermelon
  • A box of Toothpicks

Cut the watermelon into the shape you see in the picture. Then scoop the watermelon out with a soup scoop or something like it (You could do it with a spoon but you'd be there awhile). Then cut little pieces out of the "watermelon balls" but don't put toothpicks in the pieces yet. Once you have all of the watermelon pieces cut, put them in a bowl for now. With the other piece of the watermelon (DON'T THROW IT AWAY) cut the piece in half (So its easier to cut the pieces) and then cut the nose and feet pieces.  Hold the nose on by toothpicks sticking out of the watermelon and then balance the piece on the toothpicks. Or stick toothpicks through the piece and into the watermelon. The same for the feet, or just place them on the table and hope they don't get moved. For the frill around the crown use a knife with teeth and flare out the top of the watermelon and kinda peel it up with the teeth of the knife. Then put the cut pieces in the hallow watermelon and stick toothpicks into the top layer of watermelon pieces. Last but not least hold the blueberries on with toothpicks punched through them and into the watermelon. You might have to cut the toothpicks in half for some pieces.

We tried our hedgehog watermelon today and this is how he turned out. He could have been better but it was our first try. We cut the triangle crown instead of the flare crown. Give it a try, don't be shy. Good Luck!

Side: This is a Hedgehog Watermelon that I found Online. This is the one that I used as a Model to Copy. Thanks to Whoever did this first!

Below:  This is how Ours Turned out. He was a Cutie and a Major Hit among Friends and Family so much so that nobody wanted to eat him.

Hedgehog Cookies Make a Great 4th of July Treat

          Hedgehog Cookies make a great 4th of July desert as well as the Hedgehog Watermelon (Listed Below). They are a pretty simple and easy to follow recipe that doesnt involve a lot of time in making. Here is the Recipe that I got out of a olden day cook book.

2 cups of Shelled English Walnuts

1 cup of Pitted Dates

2 cups Shredded Moist Coconut

1 cup of Brown Sugar, firmly packed

2 eggs slightly beaten

Put Walnuts and Dates through a food chopper, using the coarse blade. Mix with 1 1/2 cups of coconut, brown sugar, and eggs. Set Oven at 350 degrees. Shape Mixture into circular rolls about the size of a tennis ball. Roll in remaining coconut (if you want colored hedgehog cookies add food coloring to the remaining coconut). Place on a greased baking sheet and bake at 10 to 12 minutes or until light brown. Yield - 4 dozen. Let cool and serve.

For another fun recipe see the Hedgehog watermelon at the bottom of the page. This makes a great serve yourself table snack. Try them out and have fun!

 Check Out these Funny Pics. So Cute!

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