I only accept pick-up shipping (Road shipping) because of the best interest in the hedgehog and the weather changes we go through. Also because of the mileage to the nearest airport. The buyer pays all of the shipping expenses. That includes the shipping crate/vet check (if needed)/water bottle or bowl/and anything else needed. I do not ship hedgehogs to states that have certain laws about hedgehogs. The places that I do not ship to are listed here: Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New york City, Windsor Ontario, and British Columbia. We're sorry but these places have laws that state that hedgehogs are illegal to own/posses or have nearly impossible to get licenses. I would suggest looking into http://hedgehogcentral.com/ for more information on hedgehog laws and licences. If you decide to ship your new hedgehog email or call me and we can arrange a shipping pick-up date. We also do not ship outside of the U.S and Central Canada. Thank-you.

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