All of these Hogs and Pogs here are available for sale. All of Our hedgehogs are $150.00 unless stated otherwise. The rare colors that we may produce will be more expensive. If you decide you want one of these hedgehogs Email or Call us and We can work out a Pick-up/Shipping date. We do not take deposits, It is first come, first serve.

We do not guarantee Our hedgehogs because all sales are final. It will state in the contract of sale that "I am not responsible for any injuries or illness that may arise during the shipping process. I am also not responsible for any illness or injuries that may arise later on in the hedgehogs life." Once the contract of sale is signed I am no longer responsible for that hedgehog. However, We do have full Confidence in Our Hedgehogs and Their Health and Happiness. If you want your hedgehog checked by a vet before you come to get Him/Her it will cost a additional $45.00. If you do decide to have the hedgehog checked by a vet Please Email us and we will take him/her to Our hedgehog vet.

We do not sell hedgehogs to residents of these places: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Windsor.Ontario, Langley.British Columbia, and New York City. Because of certain hedgehog laws. We're very sorry but these places are illegal or require nearly impossible to get licenses to own/posses a hedgehog. I would suggest looking into for more information on the hedgehog laws and licenses. We also Do Not ship outside of the USA and Central Canada.


 All of Our Hedgehogs come with:

A Bag of food containing their diet Cat food and Mealworms.

A Care sheet

A Contract of Sale

A Pedigree (Upon request)

Breeding Rights (Unless stated otherwise in the Contract of sale)

And Lifetime Advice.

We have 3 baby hedgehogs available very soon! Please contact us for more info. 

Thank you!

 Future Litter Plans:

 We are aiming to have babies ready to go in about 2 months. Check back for Updates on Litter Plans and Available Babies.
Thank You.

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